Covenantal Worship:
Orderly and Biblical

We were created to bear God's image,
and that image is forged through worship.

A God of Order

As Paul told the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 14:33, God is not a God of confusion but of peace.  Over the centuries and millennia, God has revealed to His people how they are to worship Him.  We follow that logical order in our worship.  It may not be what you are used to, but it is designed to keep His people on the straight and difficult Way.

Preparation for Worship
1 Timothy 1:17 is the verse that brought Jonathan Edwards to his knees before our sovereign God.
This verse is designed to get us thinking about how great and majestic and powerful God is.

Welcome and Call to Worship
This call is usually from the Psalms, and it is designed to raise our thoughts and affections to God.

Hymn or Psalm of Worship and Adoration
This hymn or Psalm is one that exalts our God.  We are still rising in response to God's call to us.

Salutation and Response
The name of God is Yahweh, and He is our Maker Who calls us to humble ourselves before Him.

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise
The pastor leads the sheep to exalt God in their hearts and minds.

The Lord's Prayer
Matthew's version of the Lord's prayer is recited by the people together to remind us of God's holiness and of our dependence upon Him.

Confession of Faith
Each week of the month we have a confession of faith:
Week 1: The Law
Week 2: An Ancient Creed
Week 3: A portion of a Reformed confession of faith
Week(s) 4 (& 5): Two or three questions from a Reformed catechism

Gloria Patri
We sing together with the ancient church a song exalting the Trinity and His eternality.

Corporate Confession of Sin
Now that we have seen how holy and magnificent God is, we acknowledge before Him our sinfulness.

Individual Confession of Sin
Because all sin needs to be confessed, but not all sin needs to be confessed before everyone.

Assurance of Pardon
For all who have faith in Christ, God's forgiveness of sins is gracious, declarative, and permanent.  
Let this blessed assurance begin to pull you out of the somberness of your sin and sins.

Song of Rejoicing
This song is selected to get you to rejoice in the forgiveness that all in Christ have received.

Passing of the Peace
We follow the command to greet one another and to recognize that we are at peace with one another in Christ.

Scripture Reading
We take each week to read from a different section of Scripture that relates to the sermon text.
Week 1: Law
Week 2: Writings
Week 3: Prophets
Week 4: New Testament
Week 5: Revelation

Worship through Giving
God's generosity toward us overflows in gratitude and joy.

This ancient Trinitarian song reminds us of Psalm 150 and of all the praise we will be giving God eternally.

The Word of God is faithfully exposited to give the sheep a feast that grows them in love for and awe of God.

Hymn of Response
This hymn is chosen to turn our focus on Christ's sacrifice and the covenantal meal we will soon receive.

The Sacrament of Communion
We celebrate the covenantal meal that Christ instituted the night He was betrayed in remembrance of Him.

Hymn of Dedication
This is the second half of the Hymn of Response and is selected to give us greater awe of Christ's lovingkindness.

This is literally a good word from Scripture pronounced over the people of God to encourage faith, hope, and love.

Hymn of Dismissal
This is a single verse to end the service on a note of joy and awe.

Taking the Word into the World
A final word from the pastor to encourage us to walk in faithful witness to God in all His splendor.

Romans 11:33-36 is Paul's doxology of awe and wonder at God's plan of glorifying Himself both through just condemnation and through gracious mercy.