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Our Beliefs

The Story

  • Great God: There is only One Who has the power of life, being, existence in Himself, only One Who dwells in unapproachable light, only One Who has never done anything wrong, only One Who exists from everlasting to everlasting. There is only One Who creates, initiates covenants, condemns, forgives, and remains just. There is only One Who is worthy of worship, and He is both just and merciful. There is only One Who is glorious and worthy of our worship, praise, honor, and adoration.
  • Great Plight: God created us male and female in His image to walk in obedience to Him, but our first parents Adam and Eve had the audacity to disbelieve God and partake of the forbidden fruit. When they broke God's commandment, they broke covenant with Him and thereby deserved death, but God killed an animal and covered them with that animal's skin as a substitute for the death that they deserved. All who are in Adam deserve this death as covenant-breakers with God.
  • Great Call: But God has seen fit not to leave all of us under His just condemnation. Because of Who He is, He has called us out of death in Adam into life in Christ. He reveals His greatness and His generosity to forgive us the immense debt of death that we owe Him. Just as He called light out of darkness, just as He called living beings out of dead things, so also He calls us from death in sin to life in Christ through the announcement of Who He is and what He has done and the accompanying commands to repent and believe.
  • Great Exchange: The announcement is of 1) Who God is; 2) what He has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ; and 3) to command all men everywhere to repent of their rebellion against God and to put their faith in Christ alone for salvation from the eternal death and damnation we deserve. When this call does its work of making us new, the greatest exchange possible happens in our hearts. God places our sins upon Christ, and He also places Christ's righteousness upon us. In this way alone, God can be both just and the justifier of the ungodly. The exchange of sin and death for righteousness and life is of value beyond anything we could possibly imagine.
  • Great End: There will come a day when Christ returns in glory. On that day, He will exact His vengeance upon His enemies, and it will not be pleasant for them. They would rather ask the mountains and hills to fall upon them rather than face the wrath of their Creator. But for those who have placed their faith in Christ alone for their salvation, there will be joy and relief and glory and life that will be richer than anything money can buy, deeper than the lowest ocean floor, and more joyful than the best wedding feast you have ever seen or imagined. All of this is to the praise of God's glorious grace.

The Doctrines

The Apostles' Creed, The Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed are three ancient creeds that form the backbone of proper Christian doctrine. They summarize the Scriptural doctrines of the Trinity, Christ's divinity and humanity, salvation, the church, and eternity.

The Canons of Dort expound the biblical response to those who would have us think more highly of man than we ought to think.

The Westminster Standards are a treasure trove of sound, biblical doctrine.

They are the culmination of 100 years of the thoughts and teachings of the Protestant Reformation.

They beautifully, clearly, and succinctly tell of the majesty and the glory of the following:



The nature of the Trinity,

The deity and humanity of Jesus Christ,

Our plight before a holy God,

How we are saved,

How we are to worship God,

What obedience to God's holy standards looks like,

How to live in this life, and

How to pray.

In short, they tell us how we may both glorify and enjoy Him forever.

Our Obligations

  • We must begin with admitting that we have more to repent of than we have been thinking. All our false beliefs must be abandoned. Every. single. one. All our desires to define good and evil rather than submitting to God's definitions of good and evil must be slain. All our resulting actions and decisions must then go from evil to good. It is evil to do things for ourselves. It is good to live in submission to God and with the goal of glorifying Him. Our obligations are vast, and we will never meet them all, but because of God's gracious work in our hearts, we can walk in increasing obedience to His good, gracious, and glorious commandments to love Him and to love our neighbors.